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To All the Little Black Girls With Big Names (Dedicated to Quvenzhane’ Wallis)

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*googles how to become famous without any talent*


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Even though you were getting on my nerves I like this picture 😒😒😒 @p_houston_4.

Even though you were getting on my nerves I like this picture 😒😒😒 @p_houston_4.


Turning Tables Chapter One- A new beginning


It was the first day of school, I woke up got dressed and headed out for school. I was kind of nervous it being my freshman year and I wasn’t in my home state anymore. So far I only knew three people Chris, Michael, and Aubrey.  Chris was my best friend we’ve known each other since the first grade. I moved from Oklahoma to Miami two months ago, I couldn’t deal with my mom and her attitude any longer. She sent me to live with my god mom who just so happens to be Chris’ mom. My school was the ‘no kid left behind type’, well made it seem that way. My teachers were very weird and most of them couldn’t speak English, I don’t know how I’m going to do this school thing. 

My first class was P.E. I had a couple of ratchet females in my class. My teacher was Ms. Ortega; she was this beautiful Russian and Mexican woman. Her hair was a light brown color with blonde highlights; she wore clothes that showed off her sexy figure. Since it was only the first day, I didn’t know anyone in my class so I spent most of my time alone in this class. I recognized a lot of familiar faces out here in Miami, it seems like everyone moved here from Oklahoma. A week went by and I notice this girl just sitting alone. It must have been her first day, well seeing we both are alone I might as well just get to know her. I walked over toward the bleachers she was sitting on staring at the ground.


"Hello I’m Monique but you can call me Moe" I said with a smile. She looked up and said,  "Hey I’m Chyna." I began to take a seat next to her. "So Chyna, how long have you been going here?" I asked curiously. "Actually today is my first day I just moved out here from Texas," Chyna told me with her country accent, "are you from Miami?" She asked. "No I’m from Oklahoma I just moved out here two months ago" I shook my head.

The bell rung it was now time to go to nutrition. Chyna and I walked over to the other side of campus where Chris was. He was sitting with some guys and I noticed this very tall guy I think his name was Wayne. I only knew of him because he was a close friend of Chris’. I stopped walking and looked at him. We both made eye contact, he smiled at me I could sense that he wanted to talk to me but he was too nervous to speak.  


Monique was very beautiful I’ve only seen pictures of her but to actually see her in person was wonderful. I want to get to know her and see what she’s about but I don’t know how to approach her. I felt my lips moving and words began to flow out of my mouth.

"Hey Monique," I said. I don’t know why I said it, now I feel so stupid. "Oh hey umm Wayne?" She asked.  "Yeah," I feel so stupid she can’t even remember my name "how was your first class?" I asked hesitantly. She looked at me with a smile and said, "It was okay, thanks for asking."

Chris started laughing I think he knows that I like her. I don’t know what I should do Chris told me she wasn’t feeling niggas but fuck it, Imma still try. 

"Aye nigga back yo thirsty ass off my best friend she don’t want the swipe" Chris shot out wrapping his arm around Monique. 

"Don’t try to play me nigga, she fine but you know I’m not trying to do shit with her" I said pushing him off to the side away from the girls, "Come on bro why you put me on the spot?"

"My bad Wayne I couldn’t help myself you was looking a little thirsty over there," he said laughing. "Aye Chris what’s up with her though, she really don’t fuck with niggas?" I asked curiously. 

"Naw not really bro she don’t really fuck with them,” Chris said with ease. 

"Why?" I spat at Chris. 

"Because she only got a thing for pussy not pussy ass niggas like yourself" Chris spat back at me. I looked at him with a very harsh intimidating look, "man fuck you!"

"I’m playing bro,” Chris said laughing. 

The bell rung. Time for second period. Man I hate this class I had Mr. Shrank. He was this old white guy; I could tell he used to be a hippie. This nigga always talking about his wife and son, you could tell he loved his family. I caught this nigga looking at some of the girls in my class, fucking perverted ass nigga. I hope they fire this nigga one day. My phone started to vibrate, I looked at my phone and saw a text from Michelle.

Michelle: who was that bitch you was with doing nutrition 

Me: what bitch

Michelle: don’t play dumb nigga I saw you with some bitch earlier now who is she

Me: first of all I was with my nigga Chris, his best friend, and her home girl I wasn’t with no bitch 

Michelle: why was you with them don’t pull that friend shit them bitches ain’t yo friends 

Me: Michelle why do you even be trippen look you my girl that’s all that matters these other bitches don’t mean shit 

Michelle: Wayne I trip because I don’t want you talking to other bitches you don’t need to be hangin out with all these girls they just don’t wanna be friends 

Me: man it seems like you don’t trust me you got a nigga on a short leash man I think you and me need to take a break

Michelle: that’s how you feel Wayne well fuck it I don’t need you anyway you was just a good fuck

Me: bitch bye  

Michelle and I have been dating all summer. Now that we’ve got back to school she’s been trippen on every female that speaks to me. I can’t have no type of friends she don’t like nobody. Hopefully this breakup is best for me, now I can get to know Monique more.  



I walked into my second period class and knocked over a poster that was resting on the wall, I Low key got nervous being in a room full of Japanese speaking people. I don’t understand anything this lady was saying, I didn’t want to take Spanish like everyone else. She greeted me as if I understood anything she was saying. I could only smile and wave. 

"Damn bitch, move out the fucking way" I heard an obnoxious girl yell at the teacher. Why don’t the show respect anymore? 

"Yes I’m sorry Miracle, now do you know the next one?" Mrs. Reynolds asked the ignorant girl. 

"Ummmm naw I’m waiting on you to give me the answer" the girl I assumed was Miracle said. 

Where do these students get the idea they can disrespect anyone? I swear when I have my kids, they won’t be disrespectful like these people out here. Back in Oklahoma everyone had respect for one another, no one called the teachers out of their names. I can’t wait until the bell rings so I can get out this class. These classes were very long I was use to the 45-minute schedule but here class is 90 minutes long. That is too long to be sitting in the same seat looking at the same people; I can’t do this any longer. 

The bell finally rung for lunch, I was so hungry I didn’t know how much longer I could go without food. Food and I have this special bond, it loves me and I damn sure loved it in return.

I don’t eat school food that shit is nasty, I look around for people who sale instead of eating this food. This guy with hazel eyes walking around campus with a big ass duffel bag asked if anyone wants chips or juice, I hesitantly walked over asking what kind of chips he had and how much they were. The guy said two for a dollar and named every type of chip he had. I bought two bags of hot Cheetos from him but I didn’t have a single dollar. He gave me change for a fifty-dollar bill; he was really making profit off of his merchandise. 


oh my god


oh my god

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